Sprint Filter Expands into the Middle East

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Sprint Filter, a leader in the field of high-performance air filters for motorcycles and cars, is taking direct action in the United Arab Emirates to concretely expand its presence in the Middle Eastern market.

Cutting-Edge Technology of Sprint Filter Air Filters

Sprint Filter is renowned for its cutting-edge technology in the field of car and motorcycle filters. By using high-quality materials and innovative production processes, Sprint Filter air filters provide superior performance and protection compared to traditional paper, cotton, or oil-soaked sponge filters. The company is continuously committed to improving and developing new solutions to optimize engine efficiency and performance. The new T12 and T14 air filters are a clear example of this commitment, emphasizing Sprint Filter’s claim: “a filter for every need.”

Expansion in the UAE

Following the launch of a new line of air filters dedicated to the Adventure and Off-Road sectors, Sprint Filter has sent Alessandro Zamporlini, its agent for Southeast Asia, to Dubai at the headquarters of Motohub LLC, owned by Mr. Ali Al Futtaim. This move represents a significant step in Sprint Filter’s global expansion strategy. Dubai, being a hub for auto and motorcycle enthusiasts with a strong demand for high-quality, high-performance products, is the ideal place to test high-efficiency filtration solutions, thanks also to its adverse climatic conditions and desert territories.

Discover the New Products

With the debut in Dubai of the T12 and T14 air filters, Sprint Filter presents a complete range of its new products for motorcycles. From high-performance filters for sports and competition motorcycles (P08 and P08 F1-85), to solutions for Adventure motorcycles in challenging weather conditions (T14) and for extreme use in the desert and Off-Road (T12), there is always an appropriate solution for every type of motorcycle and use.

Benefits of Sprint Filter Air Filters

Sprint Filter air filters offer a series of advantages over traditional filters. Thanks to their high filtration capacity and contamination resistance, Sprint Filter air filters ensure a constant and clean air flow to the engine, improving combustion efficiency and enhancing the overall performance of the vehicle. Sprint Filter air filters are also designed to be reusable, with a very fast and cost-free maintenance procedure. For customers interested in driving on dirt and sandy roads, choosing the right filter can make a difference, ensuring an optimal driving experience.

Collaboration with Motohub LLC

The temporary appointment of Alessandro Zamporlini as the head of the management structure at Motohub LLC is the result of the close collaboration between Sprint Filter and the Dubai company. Alessandro’s mission is to expand the market for Sprint Filter in the United Arab Emirates, make known the technologies of Sprint Filter products, and create connections between Motohub LLC and other companies specializing in components. Meanwhile, Alessandro has not left his residence in Singapore and continues to manage the markets of Southeast Asia.

Alessandro in Dubai is already forming significant partnerships with the area’s top tuners, the most qualified shops, and Racing Teams present in the Emirati territory and is already a regular presence at the Track Days held at Dubai Autodrome every weekend. This expansion not only strengthens Sprint Filter’s presence in the global market but also offers automotive enthusiasts new high-quality solutions.

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