Sprint Filter motorbike air filters: The smart choice for fast and efficient maintenance

how to clean sprint air filter

How to clean Sprint Filter Air Filter

Cleaning Sprint Air Filters is a no-brainer. Continue reading and find out how to clean our Air Filters.

Quick and easy cleaning

The motorbike air filter cleaning procedure can often be a laborious and demanding task. However, with Sprint Filter motorbike air filters, this task becomes extremely quick and easy.

Blowing debris

Sprint Filter has developed an advanced technology that allows the filter to be cleaned simply by using an air jet. Simply direct the jet in the opposite direction to the direction of suction to remove most of the debris retained in the filter. This blowing process is incredibly effective in restoring optimal filter performance in a matter of moments.

No flushing required

One of the distinguishing features of Sprint Filter motorbike air filters is that they do not require any washing. Unlike other filters on the market, there is no need to immerse the filter in water or use specific cleaning products. This means that no drying phase is required either, allowing the filter to be replaced immediately without having to wait a long time.

Quick degreasing in the event of persistent soiling

If the filter is particularly dirty or has fouling from heavy use of the motorbike, Sprint Filter recommends using a common cleaner such as soap, shampoo or even petrol. This quick degreasing prior to final blowing ensures that the filter’s performance is fully restored, allowing the bike to run at its full potential.

An oil-free filter for optimum performance

A significant advantage offered by Sprint Filter motorbike air filters is that the P08 model requires no oil for its operation. Many other filters require proper lubrication with specific oil to ensure effective air filtration. However, Sprint Filter’s P08 filter is designed to operate without oil, further simplifying maintenance and ensuring optimum performance in all situations.

Why choose Sprint Filter motorbike air filters

Choosing Sprint Filter motorbike air filters offers numerous advantages and greatly simplifies filter maintenance. Here are some convincing reasons to consider Sprint Filter as the preferred brand for your motorbike:

  1. Time-saving: The quick, flush-free cleaning procedure means that you spend less time servicing the filter and more time riding.
  2. Guaranteed efficiency: The blowing and degreasing process ensures that the filter’s performance is fully restored, ensuring that your motorbike runs at its maximum capacity.
  3. Ease of use: You don’t have to worry about lubricating the filter with specific oil, as Sprint Filter’s P08 filter works without the addition of oil. This further simplifies maintenance and saves you valuable time.
  4. Reliability: Sprint Filter is a renowned brand in the motorcycle air filter industry, known for its quality and reliability. Their filters are designed with durable materials and withstand the most intense riding stresses, ensuring effective air filtration over the long term.
  5. Optimal Performance: Sprint Filter motorcycle air filters are designed to maximize the performance of your motorcycle. By maintaining clean and consistent airflow, they help optimize engine power delivery and improve throttle response, providing a superior riding experience.
  6. Customization: Sprint Filter offers a wide range of motorcycle air filters to suit different makes and models. This means you can find the specific filter for your motorcycle, ensuring a perfect fit and maximizing performance.

Choose Sprint Filter Air Filters

Choosing Sprint Filter motorcycle air filters means opting for a practical, efficient and high-quality solution. With their quick-cleaning procedure, no flushing required, and optimized engine performance, Sprint Filter filters stand out as a smart choice for any maintenance- and performance-conscious motorcyclist.

Invest in the quality and reliability of Sprint Filter and enjoy a powerful, trouble-free ride, knowing your engine is protected by one of the best motorcycle air filters on the market.

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