Nicolò Bulega’s World Championship victory on Ducati Panigale V2 with Sprint Filter

nicolo bulega is world supersport champion 2023

Nicolò Bulega has secured the World Championship title in the Supersport Class, dominating the season with his Ducati Panigale V2. This championship win was bolstered by Sprint Filter’s air filter technology, providing superior engine performance and efficiency.

The Winning Streak

With an extraordinary performance of 14 first-place finishes, 3 second-place finishes, 1 fifth-place, 1 sixteenth-place, and a single withdrawal, Bulega and his Ducati Panigale V2 from Team Racing World SSP have clinched the Supersport World Championship title in Portimao, a full three rounds before the championship’s conclusion. His impressive 85-point lead over the second-placed rider and a staggering 160-point lead over the third position speak volumes of Bulega’s dominating season.

The Engine Powerhouse
R127S F1-85-SBK Air Filter

To maximize the Ducati Panigale V2 engine’s power while ensuring top-notch engine protection, Team Racing World SSP turned to Sprint Filter’s advanced R127S F1-85-SBK air filter. Engineered with a lightweight carbon frame, this filter has a unique application technique developed by Sprint Filter’s R&D Department, allowing the air filter to be mounted directly onto the frame.

bulega ducati panigale sprint filter

Key Advantages

This direct-frame mounting eliminated the cumbersome original air filter fastening structure. Furthermore, this adaptation increased the filtering mass surface area by an incredible 210%. This larger surface area efficiently distributes the airflow to the throttle body of the engine, contributing significantly to the bike’s powerful performance.


Nicolò Bulega’s Supersport World Championship victory stands as a testament not just to his extraordinary skill, but also to the groundbreaking technology brought to the racing world by Sprint Filter. Sprint Filter is honored to contribute to such a monumental win and looks forward to pushing the boundaries of air filter technology in the years to come.

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