Jeffrey Buis Makes History with Second Supersport 300 World Championship Title, Powered by Sprint Filter

buis world championship Supersport 300 title twice

Jeffrey Buis first rider in the history of the Supersport 300 to win the World Championship title twice

Making History
In an unprecedented feat, Jeffrey Buis has become the first rider in the history of the Supersport 300 class to win the World Championship title twice. This is an accomplishment no one before him has been able to achieve. The Supersport 300 is not only the entry-level class in the World SBK Championship circuit, but it is also notoriously the most competitive.

buis world championship title twice

The Winning Team

Riding a finely-tuned Kawasaki Ninja 400, Buis competed under the banner of Team MTM Kawasaki. This is a team that knows the taste of victory, having won the World Championship in 2020 with Buis and again in 2021 with Adrian Huertas. It’s safe to say that Team MTM Kawasaki is the most successful team in the history of the Supersport 300 class.

buis kawasaki sprint filter


The Role of Sprint Filter

To maximize performance and ensure engine protection, Team MTM Kawasaki chose to install the Sprint Filter PM164S F1-85 air filter on their Kawasaki Ninja 400 motorcycles. This choice was not arbitrary but the result of in-depth technical consideration. Sprint Filter’s PM164S F1-85 is the best air filter available for the Ninja 400, providing peak horsepower without compromising engine safety.

Unbeatable Technology

Sprint Filter’s air filter technology was pivotal in Buis’s landmark victory. Our filters offer maximum engine protection—a critical aspect for any racing team but even more so for the most successful team in the history of Supersport 300. Sprint Filter stands as a testimony to what cutting-edge technology, when executed perfectly, can contribute to the realm of competitive motorbike racing.


As Jeffrey Buis celebrates his historic victory, we at Sprint Filter extend our heartfelt congratulations to him and Team MTM Kawasaki. We are proud to have played a role in this groundbreaking achievement and look forward to future collaborations that push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of motorcycle racing.

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